Spirits, what are they? Some people say that spirits are souls of people who die, spirits are the only residuals of a person after his death, when soul leaves the body, the person dies, and that soul becomes a spirit. So behavior of spirits depends on how the person was, before death. Different spirits respond differently to calls, or summons! Scientifically, spirits are nothing but energy, energy of the universe, cosmic energy. Well, I’ll go with the scientific explanation because I have never experienced such things in my life.

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What happens when we call spirits. If we consider the fact that spirits at souls of the dead, some spirits may want the people to call them, while some can be dangerous if disturbed, or intruded.

Universe likes equilibrium. This equilibrium should not be disturbed. Spirits are actually the energy, which remain silent before you call them. If you are really able call a spirit, and ask them questions, and if they respond, with, for example, movement of a coin, then obviously this requires a lot of energy. Where does this energy come from? This means you have created some kind of a reaction, which has released this energy resulting in movement of the coin. Universe does not like like these kind of changes, it does not like human intervention, changes should be natural, not man made.

My girlfriend and her friends made a successful attempt of calling spirits during a college trip. I want to share the story with you.

Calling spirits with Candle

4-5 people sit in a circle, and there is a board/paper in centre, known as Ouija Board. it has all the letters A-Z written on it, also, it has numbers 0-9, and Yes/No written on it. Also, a coin is kept in the center, fingers on the coin. Now, calling_spirits_203_203x152they closed their eyes, kept calling the spirits, no special spells or jargon were used, but simple language, english/hindi, and with their fingers they kept moving the coin in circular fashion. Spirits arrive and they answer your questions, each one of your questions, even the stupid ones, like related to your marriage :P .My girlfriend asked the spirit to count and tell the number of girls in that room(12 was the answer), the coin moved to 1, and then to 2.

Calling spirits using spells

Spirits listen to you when you enchant spells. The more you practice spells, more is the result tangible in front of yours eyes. The more you contemplate and say the spells, more deeper you get in. Spells need practice.Simply find a nice, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Try to pronounce the names as best as possible, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

I have for you, a spell by Silver Ravenwolf. It is a highly effective spell, it summons 26 angels who can help you in a lot of differently.

Chant the following:

Ariel begins it.
Baradiel guides it.
The Chalkydri sing it.
Devas manifest it.
Elohim wills it.
The Fravashi better it.
Gabriel brings it.
The Hafaza watch it.
The Ischim balance it.
Jael guards it.
Kadmiel births it.
Lahabiel aids it.
Michael raises it.
Nebo ministers it.
Ofaniel sees it.
Patron angels devote it.
The Queen of angels speaks it.
Raphael inspires it.
Sandalphon prays it.
Thrones sanctify it.
Uriel strengthens it.
Vrevoil reveals it.
Watchers protect it.
Xathanael patrons it.
Yahriel places the glory of the moon on it.
Zodiac angels seal it.
And Spirit brings it through time and space.
So be it. Ho! (or say amen.)