So you all know what happened on 16th December 2012, we call it the ‘Atrocity Day’ in Delhi. But what’s being done about it? What is the government doing? What are YOU doing?

I still see headlines in the newspaper, bullshit in TV which the news channels talk about, gang rapes, harassment, molestation.

I clearly remember, last year, this same day when Damini’s news was being broadcast all across the globe, a friend of mine told me, his mother started crying, she grabbed hold of his elder sister who was nearly of the same age as Damini was.
So, you can see how these negative news impact us, we pray to god, and HOPE that nothing like this happens to our mothers and sisters. Today, I found this pic on Facebook, it looked good so I ‘shared’ it, it was Kusha’s cover picture( Kusha, my girlfriend, the love of my life), you can look at it, maybe even you’ll feel like sharing it, but there’s a hidden message in this pic which is dis-empowering us, and when I realized this, I immediately removed it from my Facebook timeline,

Lets ‘HOPE’ the day when all women will be fearless is near

What will just ‘HOPE’ do? Hope, is wishful thinking. Hope does not gives you power, hope makes you wish that you’re not the next Damini. “Oh I just hope all this ends” “Oh I just hope this never happens to me”. You know something, this is weakening you, this is dis-empowering you. Every time we hope that nothing bad happens to us, we tell ourselves that we do not have the power, the power to create our future. The power to choose what’s going to happen with you today, tomorrow, or the day after.

Let me tell you something, you have the power, to create, to manifest, to choose what’s going to happen with you. You have the power to not just hope that your wishes of being “safe at night when you’re out” or “feeling secure” or “feeling protected” come true,

but I want you know that,

You can command these wishes to become your reality…in other words,


And I am gonna show you how, and why, if you read this thing till the very end. 🙂

Getting to the real meat now, right on the money ,

Most of us have seen the documentary, and even read the book- “The Secret” which for the first time in history popularizes the greatest Law in the Universe, the Law of Attraction. People went crazy watching this movie(or documentary- it fun, and entertaining, I encourage all of you to watch that movie), it tells you how to manifest your dreams into reality, the money you want, the luxury cars you want, the relationship you want, the health you want, everything is possible if you believe. Here’s how, in very brief, because i believe its bullshit, and 99% of the people watching “the secret” do not achieve any results anyway- the cars of their dreams etc (That’s the discussion for another day) so I wan’t waste much time on this,

But here’s something you should know:

Your brain, is a transmitter and receiver of ‘frequencies’, ‘energy’ , or ‘vibrations’, which means that your brain is transmitting and receiving what we call ‘brainwave frequencies 27 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to the Law of Attraction, the frequencies, or vibrations which your brain is putting out, or broadcasting at this very moment, are attracting ‘like-frequencies’ or ‘like-vibrations’ towards you.

Everything which is about to happen with you today, tomorrow, or the day after, is decided by these vibrations, or frequencies.

Before moving on, let me tell you that all these facts have been proven scientifically, down to the quantum physics level, so a better way to take benefit from this post is to not argue with me, its obviously your choice to believe it or not. I mean, we know that the law of gravity exists, and if you walk off the edge of the roof, you’re gonna go DOWN!, whether you believe in the gravity or not, LOL 😀

 Also, this is not my information, I did not invent any of this. I am just presenting to you a way in which this information can be beautifully used in Women’s Safety and Protection. I just don’t why people are too busy manifesting their cars, attracting their ‘relationships’ , manifesting money, and no once cares about rape cases, I mean, if you’ve seen “the secret” and know how the law of attraction works, are you insane? are you dumb? can you not figure out how we can protect our women by giving this information to them and making them realize that they have the power? This has got me mad, and I expect you to get mad too!

Here are some ground rules, which you NEED TO KNOW!

If you feel good(to varying degrees) and have good thoughts, you’re transmitting at this very moment, good vibrations which attract more ‘good vibrations’ according to the Law of Attraction and bring in your life circumstances, situations, events, and people which make you feel all the more good. Good vibrations do good to you, it means, good feelings and good thoughts do good to you!

If you feel bad(to varying degrees) and/or have negative thoughts, you’re transmitting at this very moment, bad vibrations, negative vibrations which attract more ‘bad or negative vibrations’ according to the Law of Attraction and bring into your life circumstances, situations, events, and people which make you feel all the more bad. Bad vibrations do bad to you, it means, bad feelings and negative thoughts do bad to you!

as an example, if you’re angry, mad and frustrated- throughout your day, by law of Attraction you get similar situations and people who give you a hard time, and make you feel all the more mad and furious!

If you are blissfully happy- everything works out smoothly, and you get more situations and people who make you feel good!

Could we conclude from these facts- which are proven scientifically, that you create everything which happens in your life, you control everything, with your vibrations, or frequencies which your brain is emitting?

We are now a little more comfortable in saying that YOU, have the power to create your today, tomorrow, or the day after with your vibrations. With your thoughts. With your feelings.

Now that we know the vibrations attract ‘like’ vibrations, we can say that fear attracts fear, right?

Fear of not clearing an exam transmitted or broadcast over  hours, days, weeks, or months might have resulted in failure in that particular exam.

Fear of loosing your hair at an early age might have resulted in your hair loss at the age of 30.

Similarly, when you watch  news and hear about a rape case, a girl of 23 YEARS of age got gang raped, her organs we destroyed using a steel rod, she was also brutally beaten and thrown away on road, in a chilling December night, and guess what, nobody helped her,

negative thoughts start popping in your mind-

“Oh this shouldn’t happen to me” ,
“I wish nothing happens to me” ,
“I wonder what’s going to happen with me tonight when I get back from work at 2AM”,
“What if I don’t get conveyance on my way back to home” ,
“What if the bus driver or auto-vala I get at night has bad intentions?”  

What do you think it is?  its FEAR!
What do you think you’re attracting? FEAR!!!!



How do we change this? 

In the ‘Matrix Trilogy’ Neo had this ability to stop the bullets coming to him, virtually dis-empowering them, stopping them, and that’s when they stopped and fell down. He did this with his energy. You have the same power, with your thoughts and feelings. The moment you start feeling good, and not FEAR, you’re attracting good. This is called ‘Changing you vibrations’ , the good news is that, the moment you change your vibrations, The rapists, the people who have bad intentions, are away from you.

Lets consider  a desi- example, from Krish-3, this guy Kaal throws these huge pointed metal pieces towards Krish at great speed, and we know what Krish does, using his uncanny ability, his power, the form of energy which Indian Superheroes and Superstars of South have which are unknown to even GOD, he stops  those pieces and throws them back with massive intensity and power.You too, have this ability, when you change your vibrations from negative to positive.

Changing your vibration from Negative to Positive

Okay, so to attract positive, you need to have positive thoughts and feel good all the time.

By the way, what are we trying to achieve? First of all, you need to understand that ever since your birth, you have been programming your mind to think in a negative way, in today’s world, we are bombarded with negative influences of TV, news&media, people around us who talk negative, and the negative thoughts and feelings we get when we see a negative situation- like, a news of a girl getting raped make us feel bad, and we fear, we automatically start feeling negative, and broadcasting negative vibrations.
All of you have a big huge black ball of negative energy which pulls you to negative thoughts and feelings, and a ball of positive energy which is tiny and small, that’s why you worry, you fear if you think of getting out of your house alone at night.
We are trying to reduce the size of this negative black ball and over time shrink it to zero, and at the same time, we have to increase the size of the positive ball of energy so that it dominates all the time.
You are now starting to learn a skill. As you practice over time, you get perfect, right? That’s what we are trying to achieve, when you are perfect, you don’t need to worry about anything negative.
When you are perfect, you gain the power to immediately kill the negative, dissipate it so that it never comes back again.
Earlier, you were unconsciously thinking about bad thoughts and feeling bad feelings when you hear a news, or you had to go out alone, and negative thoughts popped up automatically, thought like:

“Oh this shouldn’t happen to me” ,
“I wish nothing happens to me” ,
“I wonder what’s going to happen with me tonight when I get back from work at 2AM”, 
“What if I don’t get conveyance on my way back to home” , 
“What if the bus driver or auto-vala I get at night has bad intentions?”  

Now, you will be unconsciously vibrating positive thoughts and feelings, like:

“Oh come, are you kidding me?”
“Hey, nothing like that can happen to me, because I have the power!”
“Since my vibrations are perfect, I just feel so good that nothing bad can happen to me”
“Mom, don’t worry,  you see, I feel so powerful, and my vibrations are soooo good that I’ll only have good circumstances, situations, events, throughout and night too,  and I’ll meet great people, and there’s not even a question of anything bad happening to me 🙂 “

Old negative habits of thinking and thought patterns will leave you, and will be replaced by positive thought patterns and strong beliefs. THAT’S WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE. When that happens, believe me ,you life will change, you’ll feel so good and powerful everyday, and no matter what happens to anyone in the world, you will be safe, and secure.

You have the power to do it, and ONLY you can do it,
Its time to take massive action,
STOP blaming the Police, we know they’re good for nothing!
STOP blaming the Government, they’re busy digging your pockets and printing money!
Its YOU, AND ONLY YOU, who is responsible for what’s happening to you!

I want you to say this statement 3 times, aloud, before you move forward,


okay, so do increase the ball of positive energy and decrease the ball of negative energy, you need to break the old negative habits and bring in to you, the new habits of thinking positive, so that you feel good all the time, and you attract only positive.

We feed our body 3 times everyday, some of us, 7-8 times a day, lol, in same way, you need to feed your mind every single day. Your mind becomes what you feed into it. You have negative thought patterns when it comes to women’s safety and the power you have because,
1. No one told you that you have the power
2. you’ve been feeding your mind with negative influences- gang rape news, our aunts who go “beta don’t go out wearing shorts, or skits” and I call this NONSENSE, you can wear anything!

Lets feed our mind with good books, read these books, and read a little bit everyday,
These books allow you to discover the power that you have, and unleash it.
1. The Secret- Rhonda Byrne
2. Ask and it is given- Jerry and Esther Hicks
3. The Magic- Rhonda Byrne
Here are 2 very good books to re-align you thinking process, more towards the positive,
4. The Magic of Thinking Big- David J. Schwartz
5. The Magic of Believing- outstanding book, especially the chapter- “WOMEN AND SCIENCE OF BELIEF” tells you what a woman can do by harnessing the power of belief, which means YOU!!, by Claude M. Bristal.

I recommend you to purchase these books, also, they’re available as PDFs on torrent and other websites for free.

Every time you feel bad- anger, fear, depression ,worry, guilt, do the Callahan Technique- Thought Field Therapy, or the Tapping method, to free yourself from the negative energy, you can do this 5,or 10, or even 20 times a day, its completely harmless and does good to your body. As you start doing this process, over days and weeks, you’ll start feeling bad very less often. And in a month ,you’ll stop feeling bad at all! I wan’t go into details, but this is magical- you can learn more about it, Google- “Thought Field Therapy” or “Emotional Freedom Technique” by Dr Roger Callahan, and this is the video I recommend to learn from,

Also, everyday, when you get up, before getting out of bed and before going off to sleep, do the Gratitude Technique,

THIS  IS NOT THE END********************TO BE CONTINUED!*******************************