I see engineering students craving for internship in big firms such as Google, Microsoft, and even companies with non technical background, such as Goldman Sachs,  but when it comes to working for young start-ups, everyone seems disinterested. I actually thought about the reason to this observation of mine.Is it because of the fact that a certificate of a start-up is less valuable as compared to the certificate you get after working in big and old companies(listed above), or the lack of awareness about the start-up culture?
I think of the reason to be, lack of awareness!
Well, I have an experience to share with you. Last summer I was the IT intern at Zipout( http://www.zipout.co.in/ ), and my work was limited to designing(photoshop) and web development.But what I learned and worked on, was not just designing and webd but a lot more.

Those 6 weeks at Zipout gave me a chance to discover myself…motivate myself…expose myself to the real world…the corporate world…with meeting amazing new people who are now a source of inspiration for me…keeping whom in mind would always give me a kick, to work hard , push myself beyond my limits…and strive to achieve what I want in life…sitting and working with such passionate people gave me altogether a different experience…thanks Zipout for giving me n a chance to showcase myself in front of the mirror..making me realize that the spark inside me is ready to outburst…to engulf the coming challenges and the hardships….and then this whole world is left for me…the pyromaniac monster…to conquer upon..
So, while working in a start-up, you actually get exposed to a variety of fields of work and not just your field. Being an engineering student, you work upon technical stuff putting your brain into whatever hard work you do, and then being through a start-up culture, which gives you a professional touch, isn’t this a great combo?what else can give you a better grooming huh? 😉